About Darnell

        My Mural


Well I'm Darnell and I’ve been creating, drawing, painting, and sketching since I can remember. Yes, I'm Self-Taught Artist but that's no shade to other artists who went to school for this ,but I do this simply because I love it.  It's my therapy and each project is very personal to me.  

My art is not designed just to be seen it is designed to be felt! Art has the unique ability to teach that the world is Black and White. Art Teaches us that we are just like the rainbow, a grade of every infinite shade.  It is about having the unique ability to take a blank canvas and create something familiar yet completely different at the same moment in  time.  My paintings create a moment! So I don't care to sell anything, but there's a unique story behind each project and that's what makes Darnell's projects so different. :) 

I’m not sure which came first? The “chicken or the egg”?, but I do know one thing that my Granddaddy taught me, and that is "the only time that hard work exceeds talent, is when talent stops working hard!"